Why Health Accelerator?

Dr. Rob’s and Heather’s mission is to provide an easy-to-follow and fun learning experience so you can accelerate your personal health journey. 

Health Accelerator values lifestyle, simplicity, and clear-eyed insight into the deepest root sources of wellness.

Course Overview

The Health Accelerator Course is a fun 7 module, 50 plus video experience designed to help you overcome chronic health issues like fatigue, weight gain, stress, anxiety, and more. 

Created by two functional health experts with a combined 40 years of experience helping thousands of people, Health Accelerator will catapult your healing process with its proven action plan.

Join Health Accelerator today and see how easy it can be to accelerate your healing journey.

Course Outline

  • M0-V1 Joint Welcome
  • M0-V2 Introduce the 5Ps
  • M0-V3 Introduce the GPS/5 L’s
  • M0-V4 Dr. Rob Story
  • M0-V5 Introduce the Five L’s
  • M0-V6 The Fourth L/Love Your Efforts
  • M0-V7 The Second L/Letting Go
  • M0-V8 Keeping It Real
  • M0-V9 Here Comes The Sun
  • M0-V10 Role Doc Coach
  • M0-V11 Face Wellness
  • M0-V12 Universal Principles
  • M0-V13 Heather Bio
  • M0-V14 L One Listen
  • M0-V15 L Three Learn
  • M0-V16 The Fifth “L” Liberate
  • M0-V17 Why Record In Nature
  • M0-V18 Why Health Accelerator
  • M1-V1 Lead-In Peace
  • M1-V2 Keep Moving
  • M1-V3 Ikaigi- Sense of Purpose
  • M1-V4 Who’s In Charge – Oura Ring
  • M1-V5 Abundance – There is Enough
  • M1-V6 Nature Heals
  • M2-V1 Plants: The 2nd P
  • M2-V2 Why Fermented Foods are What You Need
  • M2-V3 Eat More of What Grows Above the Ground
  • M2-V4 Eating Mindfully
  • M2-V5 Supplements
  • M2-V6 NSAIDs
  • M2-V7 Antibiotics
  • M3-V1 Lead-In Pillow
  • M3-V2 Pillow: The Third P
  • M3-V3 Making Your Bedroom a Sanctuary
  • M3-V4 Blue Blockers Rock
  • M3-V5 Pillow Chronotype
  • M4-V1 Lead-In Play & The Fourth P
  • M4-V2 BURSTS
  • M4-V3 Movement as Play- Breaking the Trance
  • M5-V1 Lead-In People
  • M5-V2 The Lost Art of Listening
  • M5-V3 Showing Up for Others
  • M5-V4 Lone Wolf is a Myth
  • M6-V1 Thanks & Congratulations
  • M6-V2 Celebration Trees