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What If You Could Tap Into The Experience & Guidance of Two Functional Medicine Practitioners to Quickly Overcome The Impacts of Chronic Health Conditions?

You Can! Continue Reading To Learn How to Access This Life-Saving Wisdom for Yourself. 

Perhaps this sounds familiar, my friend…

For years you may have struggled to keep your head above water with your health.

Maybe you’ve told yourself that the aches and pains, fatigue, and brain fog are just a normal part of aging.

Yes, you have good days and bad days, but the bad days seem to be increasing.

And the good days? Well, they’re becoming rarer.

Some days your pain, fatigue, anxiety, depression, gut issues, or autoimmunity are all-consuming.

And some days, you can barely remember what it was like to feel great. Heck, to even feel GOOD!

Here’s one thing we need you to know. You’re not alone.

We’ve experienced many of these things ourselves, and we have come through it better, stronger, and happier.

And we’ve now helped thousands of people recover their health, too.

Who are we?

Dr. Rob Downey & Heather Aardema.

Rob and Heather

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Here’s everything you get:

In 2020 we teamed up with the focused mission to help people just like you.

Perhaps you may have even thought about throwing in the towel and that living a life full of health, energy, and purpose just wasn’t in the cards for you. 

We’re here to tell you this: nonsense.


Our default mode IS health. And sometimes, we just need to slow down, simplify, and get out of our own way a little.

Simple steps, powerful habits, and the right tools.

Look, I think deep down you still have hope.

Maybe it’s right there below the surface, buried under years of failed supplements, half-read books, and health summits that offered great information but little in the way of action.

So consider this your sign… and it’s calling you to discover what we’ve learned through decades of combined experience.

A step-by-step process that leads you clearly and confidently along your journey back to complete health and vitality.

Can you imagine that? Are you brave enough to imagine that?


I believe you are or wouldn’t be here now, reading this letter.


Imagine your life without the pain and struggles. Imagine youthful energy.

Imagine never missing another adventure, birthday party for a child or grandchild, or opportunity because you were too tired or too sick.

We’ve seen firsthand with our clients and patients how the right tools and guidance can profoundly improve every aspect of your life.

And now, for the first time ever, we’ve combined our collective experiences helping thousands of people and distilled it down to a fun and easy-to-follow 7-module course.

This is it. No more searching the internet for answers only to be WAY more confused than before you started.

No more sleepless nights and anxiety wondering if you’ll be well enough to take that trip or visit with loved ones.

This is the clear and PROVEN path forward to accelerate your healing journey.

We hope you’ll join us. 🙂

Dr. Rob and Heather

Save an ADDITIONAL $50 with the Code WEBINAR50

About The Course

Here’s everything you get:


7 Complete Learning Modules


45 Hi-Quality Video Trainings


45 Transcript to Read Along


45 Audios to Download


Module Guidebooks and Checklists


Live Webinar Training & Questions and Answers


1 Free All-Access Pass to give to a Friend


The Life Cleanse Summit from Heather Aardema

This course is literally a GPS for your health

You’ll have complete clarity as you walk along your path to wellness with Dr. Rob and Heather as you guides. 

Simple Tools

The simple tools and protocols we’ve used to help 1,000s of people all over the world.

Guided Action Steps

Guided action steps you can implement starting immediately.

Deeper Understanding

A deeper understanding of how your body functions and what it needs

Sustainable Habits

How to create and sustain new healthy habits

Truth about Medications

The truth about medications and even supplements that may be hindering your progress

Overcome Fear

How to overcome fear and overwhelm

Little-known Lifestyle Habits

The little-known lifestyle habits that supercharge your energy and destroy inflammation

Managing Stress

Best practices for managing stress in just minutes a day

There’s a Shocking and Dark Truth You May Not Know About Online Courses


The stunning truth is this: 90% of people never finish an online course after they purchase it.

90 percent! 

Why? Many courses offer high-quality and helpful information.

The problem is the videos are boring, uninspired, or it’s an overwhelming amount of information packed into each video.

Listen, when you’re trying to rebuild your health, and overcome chronic health conditions, overwhelm is the last thing you need, right?

So here’s how we FINALLY solved that equation.

The videos are short and get to the point immediately–there’s no fluff. Just life-saving information presented in a way that allows you to take action today.

We call this micro-learning.

With most of the 40+ training videos between 1 and 4 minutes long, you’ll gain confidence and momentum as you go.

As you complete each video and module you’ll immediately have a sense of accomplishment, ease, and joy.

This place of peace is where healing happens, truly. It’s where learning can be maximized, and healthy habits are formed forever.

In short, Health Accelerator is engineered to propel you forward toward your goals.

We literally went the extra mile.

The videos are engaging and entertaining as we filmed them on location at some of the most beautiful areas of the US including Utah and Alaska.

Take a look at these photos and then join us on this virtual journey.

The 60% Discount Ends In...

On Sale !
Here’s everything you get:

There’s Absolutely No Risk

We’re dedicated to helping you live your best life. We’re so sure that this course will not only give you the solutions you’ve been seeking, but the tools you need to sustain your new, healthy lifestyle.

If for any reason we fall short, simply let us know by emailing us within 60 days and we’ll refund 100% of your purchase price.

No questions asked. No hard feeling. We’ll remain friends. Promise. 🙂