Getting Out of Your Own Way with Joe Rignola

Getting Out of Your Own Way

with Joe Rignola

Joe Rignola joins the podcast to discuss how we can stop self-sabotaging behavior and negative self-talk and to overcome our fears so we can live a life of health, happiness, and purpose. 

Time Stamps:

4:43: About our Rewire Your Brain Masterclass

14:00 – Growing out of darkness

19:00 – Not feeling alone and finding courage and safety 

22:25   – Falling apart without going to pieces

33:30 – Fear is subconscious but trusting yourself is a choice

50:00 – Functional approach vs. medication

Joe Rignola is an entrepreneur, filmmaker, and best-selling author. He began his own health journey about 16 years ago while dealing with depression, anxiety, severe digestive issues, weight gain, and more. 

After researching alternatives to the medications he was on, Joe was able to take control of his health and lose over 45 pounds by changing his diet and lifestyle. Filled with gratitude for his newfound health and energy, Joe went back to school to study health and nutrition so he could help others along their journey. 

He has founded, co-founded, and launched some of the most successful brands and events in the health space over the past 12 years. 

He is the founder of the 170,000-member community,