Practical Solutions for Pelvic Floor Fitness with Jana Danielson

The topic of Pelvic Floor Fitness is not discussed nearly enough, despite the fact that pelvic floor issues affect millions of people. 

 Jana Danielson joins the podcast to pull back the curtain on the health implications that the pelvic floor has for women and men.  

You’ll learn about: 

[1:30] – Why this isn’t talked about enough 

[7:35] – The little-known and extremely important nerve  

[14:00] – The physiology of your core and pelvic floor 

[23:32] – How breathing properly is like CPR for your pelvic floor


Our Sponsor

Jana Danielson is an award-winning wellness entrepreneur who through her own experience with physical pain, turned her mess into her message.  She is an Amazon Best Selling Author, owner of Lead Pilates and Lead Integrated Health Therapies, her bricks & mortar businesses and the Metta District, her online wellness community.  

She is the creator of the Cooch Ball, the world’s first patented pelvic floor fitness tool for women.  Jana has coached and consulted with thousands of women from all over the world to help improve their quality of life, their confidence and their impact in this world.

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