Treating Overuse Injuries With Physical Therapy With Holly Mcclure, Pt

Treating Overuse Injuries With Physical Therapy With Holly Mcclure, Pt


Dr. Rob Downey
speaks with Holly McClure, PT, an expert who specializes in practicing BioSynchronistics with patients. She defines the process and techniques behind BioSynchronistics, discussing the types of patients that would benefit from this practice. The healing process requires both the restoration of the body and mind; listening to yourself is the best way to guide you.


[02:50] Holly’s journey and professional development with BioSynchronistics
[09:15] What is BioSynchronistics? Discussing studies and techniques
[14:51] Defining and exploring fascial adhesions
[29:27] The importance of patient education to break habits
[34:27] How to “listen” to your body: is BioSynchronistics for you?

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Holly grew up in the panhandle of Texas and graduated with a Master of Physical Therapy from Texas Tech University in 2006. Initially working for Anchorage Fracture and Orthopedic Clinic for 9 years, Holly then moved to Homer and has been practicing locally for 6 years. She specializes in her novel method, BioSynchronistics, and has been focusing on this treatment approach for the past 10 years. Her work surrounds complex cases, such as scoliosis, chronic pain, prenatal, as well as general orthopedics. BioSynchronistics brings the body in balance, so overuse injuries, repetitive activities, and postural dysfunction all respond very favorably to this manual technique. Visit her website to register and schedule your own appointment.