Steps to a successful health program with heidi cox, Cpt/nutrition coach

Steps to a successful health program with heidi cox, Cpt/nutrition coach

Achieve those tiny, little goals that will eventually walk you towards that final overall goal.


Dr. Rob Downey speaks with Heidi Cox, CPT/Nutrition Coach, on this episode of Field Notes: AN Exploration of Functional Medicine, answering all your questions about starting the journey towards a personal goal. They talk about shaping positive relationships with health and food, handling setbacks to your plan, and how a health coach helps you throughout the process. Working on your mindset is just as important to your plan as fitness and nutrition.

[03:00] What is the role of willpower in our lives?
[13:17] Avoiding negativity bias to shape affirmative relationships
[17:07] What starting a new health program looks like
[29:00] How to handle failures in your plan
[35:49] The benefits of hiring a health coach

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Born and raised in Alaska, Heidi is a 40-something married mom of two teens. Heidi began her fitness lifestyle as a competitive figure skater through her childhood years. After high school, Heidi lived in Kodiak and learned formal weightlifting on the Coast Guard base. As she and her husband started a family, they moved to Cooper Landing, Alaska where Heidi began teaching, Heidi’s Booty Camp, to the community for the five years they were there. Upon a move to Wasilla, Alaska, Heidi became a certified personal trainer and trained at the Expert Level at The Alaska Club. From there she opened her own Personal Training business and left The Alaska Club. In 2016, Heidi and her family moved from Wasilla to Homer. Heidi now owns a Personal Training and Nutrition Coaching (focusing on holistic health and nutrition) business and teaches Heidi’s Booty Camp at the SPARC facility to the community. She has clients from across the country to Homer and loves her job. Check out her Facebook page for all her information and updates.