A Human Approach to Health Coaching with Carol Comfort

Carol Comfort joins the podcast again for an enlightening conversation about health coaching and finding your personal path to healing. 

They discuss having a tailored plan for health because everyone’s journey is unique and it’s critical to follow your own path forward.

Dr. Rob and Carol talk about where to start and how important it is to create tiny but powerful habits. 

Don’t miss this wonderful episode of The Field Notes Podcast. 

You’ll learn about… 

[3:20] – Connection: The key to success

[5:45] – Integrating health coaching and practical modern medicine

[9:20] – The power of small, positive action steps

[22:30] – Achieving more by doing less

[27:00] Carol’s favorite health books

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Carol Comfort is a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach. 

After working in a functional medicine clinic for several years, she began her own private practice. Carol lives in Homer, Alaska, with her husband and their pup Tuuli on 20 peaceful acres where they raised two very independent children.

Carol enjoys hikes through the woods, kayaking, and cross-country skiing. Yoga and swimming are also regular parts of her fitness routine. In the summer, she swims in the small pond just out my front door. To help keep herself grounded and balanced, she’s kept a regular meditation practice for the last 20 years. She’s also a classically trained pianist and maintains a lively piano studio.

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