Improving Functional Medicine with Dr. Dan Kalish

In this episode, Dr. Rob is joined by Dr. Jaban Moore to discuss intestinal permeability, AKA, “leaky gut.” 

Leaky gut can impact virtually all aspects of your health. Dr. Moore lays out some practical guidance you can take today to help you heal. 

You’ll learn:

[2:45] – What is leaky gut?

[14:44] – Root causes of leaky gut

[19:20] – Conventional medicine vs. functional medicine

[24:00] – Leaky gut-autoimmunity connection


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Dr. Moore’s passion for restoring health through a multi-therapeutic approach came from a young age when his mother was diagnosed with Diabetes after a 3-year struggle trying to figure out what was causing her health to decline. She was diagnosed only because she was in a car accident and in the ER she was told that she was diabetic. Her doctors noted that it was possibly missed for years. By this point she had gained 100 lbs, her cholesterol was out of control, she had ulcers in her stomach, depression, high blood pressure, and chronic fatigue. Growing up Dr. Moore watched his mother’s condition progress adding new medications and symptoms by the year never curing or making her feel better for long just stabilizing one symptom until the next started. This eventually lead to thyroid cancer and 2 surgeries to remove the cancer. Through this experience, Dr. Moore found his mission to discover the root cause of a condition so that the progression can be stopped so the next person doesn’t have to go through a story like hers.